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Feel-good, look-amazing spaces

by Catherine Muir Interior Design

from those that take your breath away…

…to those that make you want to take your shoes off,

relax and stay.


Interior design that adds a bit of you to your own space


Interior design for cafes, restaurants, B&Bs, and more

   Hello, I’m Catherine…


I offer a Bespoke Interior Design Service that will…

  • Create a space that you, or your clients, will love to be in


  • Narrow choices to help you make amazing design decisions.

       (Good-bye stress and overwhelm!)


  • Save you time (so you can get on with other things!)


  • Make the design process easy and exciting


I’m based in County Durham and work across the North-East of England.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s INJECT A LITTLE WOW into your space!

Catherine Muir Durham- RJM photography-5
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