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Catherine Muir Durham- RJM photography-2

How do you want to feel in your space?

Calm? Cosy? Relaxed?

Energised? Inspired? Fun?


I really think your surroundings can have a huge impact

on how you feel and how you act.


That’s why I say,

I’m not just an interior designer –

I’m a mood-maker.


You see, I can help you set the tone of your space. 

Creating atmosphere and giving it personality

to inject a little wow!


To do this, the first two doors we’ll unlock together are…


🏠 How must the space function and work for you? 

(What do you need it to do?)


❤How do you want to feel when you’re in the space?

(RelaxedFun? Energetic? Productive?)

These questions are vital whether it’s your own home, your business or a commercial property…


…whether it’s an old building with character, a new build, extension or a renovation project…


Whatever your project, for me, there’s nothing better than

injecting a little wow to create a feel-good, look-amazing space

that you’ll love to be in.



P.S. Want to know what led me to think all this? Read The Story About Me below to find out more...

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s inject a little wow into your space!


The Story About Me…            

Interior design has always been my thing. 


As a child, I spent hours building Lego houses and I was constantly rearranging and adding ‘interesting’ things to my bedroom.  But mostly, I loved peering through windows into other peoples’ homes…imagining how it felt to live there.


Later, I followed my dream and packed my bags to go to University, where I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Interior Design.   In my 3rd year, I couldn’t believe my luck when I was chosen to work for KCA International.  Here, I worked on world famous hotels, such as Madinat Jumeriah in Dubai, and the Casino Lisboa, in Macau – designed with more than a touch of glamour and luxury. 


It was here that I got my real education in how to

‘inject a little wow’ (or more accurately, a lot of wow!)

…to create a look amazing space!

From all that glitz I moved to the everyday practicalities and wonders of IKEA – following my husband who had a new job in the North East. 


And so, the big blue box beckoned, and I spent 7 years as an interior designer at IKEA.   Creating imaginative room sets, honing my skills in retail design and traveling to stores across the world to share my expertise. 


And that was where I got my education in function for 21st century living. 

Designing every millimetre with purpose, practicality, and style in mind…to create a feel good space!

With a young family to nurture, I decided to leave IKEA and take some time out to focus my attention on home life.  But thoughts of starting my own interior design business were always there amidst the playdates and sleepless nights. 


In 2015, I studied for an AutoCAD Professional User certification (to help me to rapidly draw up accurate plans – which is great when it comes to designing interior layouts).  And not long after that, ‘Catherine Muir Interior Design’ became a reality.


So, here I am, using my interior design education and experience to inject a little wow into homes and businesses across the North East. 


Not The End…


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