My 5 Step Process







STEP 1: Listen


You know what your space needs to do, what it needs to say, and how you want it to make you or others feel.


So, this step is all about me understanding your project needs, getting a great brief and a design budget from you.


You’ll get:

  • FREE online discovery meeting to discuss your project and budget.


  • FREE proposal and quote based on your exact needs (as discussed in your discovery meeting).


STEP 2: Explore

Once the contract has been agreed, I’ll start exploring and pulling together all the elements needed to bring your brief to life.  Collecting and sketching ideas as I go.


You’ll get:


  • Time out from thinking about it all, knowing your project is progressing with me.


  • Digital Style Expression Board to capture the mood of your project – and ensure we’re on the right path.  Through a collage of inspirational images, I’ll highlight the overall look and feel, the colour scheme and example materials.


  • Following a chat confirming your Style Expression, I’ll delve further into exploring your unique design scheme.

STEP 3: Concept

This is your first big reveal of all my design exploring – getting you excited about the direction we’ve taken. Giving you key design options, which all meet your brief in different and exciting ways!


You’ll get:

  • Concept Scheme – a scheme for every room in your project, which includes;

    • a scaled layout plan

    • samples and options for flooring, fabrics, wallpapers and paint

    • options for all key pieces with costs (fixtures and furniture)


  • Bespoke, professional know-how, advice and ideas.


  • Interesting, not-on-the-high-street options.


  • In-person meeting to discuss your Concept Scheme and select options.


  • Reflection Time – 3 days to reflect and come back to me with any final thoughts or changes.


STEP 4: Final Design

With your agreed Concept Scheme as my guide, I’ll pull together all the finer details.  Designing every big and small part of your space.


You’ll get:

  • Your Final Design Scheme, including;

    • scaled drawings to show room layout and design features

    • the overall style

    • colour scheme

    • lighting

    • furniture and fixtures

    • fabric/wallpaper swatches

    • other finishes samples

    • accessory ideas

    • cost


  • In-house meeting to present and discuss your design, plus finalise all options.


  • Reflection Time – 3 days to reflect and come back to me with any final thoughts or changes.



STEP 5: Drawing and Purchasing Quotes


You’ve signed-off the Final Design so now it’s time to make it happen!

You’ll get:

  • Technical drawings – for tradespeople to implement your design.

  • Your updated Design Presentation package with samples as required.


  • Shopping List - a full quote and list of all items to be purchased. Some items you can purchase yourself and some through me. This can include your new kitchen, bathroom, finishes, lighting and furniture.

  • Online meeting - a final online chat to run through everything


  • You can add-on Styling of your space for after the build – for that final injection of ‘wow’!


  • A feel-good, look-amazing space you’ll love!


So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s inject a little wow into your space!