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Decorating Your Holiday Rental? The Number 1 Thing You Need To Consider

So summer 2017 is coming to a close and if you own a holiday rental or Air BnB, now may be the perfect time for a face lift on the property to help improve your reviews and ultimately increase your profits.

But before you make any changes, and to avoid expensive mistakes, the number one thing I really feel you need is to properly understand who your customers are and what their needs are when staying in your property.

Why do customers choose your holiday home?

Perhaps it’s down to your location; are you in a busy city attracting shoppers or concert goers? Or are you based in a romantic country side destination attracting couples or next to a bustling seaside resort attracting young families?

Or due to your buildings architecture you attract different customers, for example are you on the ground floor and attract people who need easy access? Or you mainly offer single bedrooms and therefore attract students or business trippers.

Whatever your buildings particular specifics it will influence the kind of people who want to stay in your property and you NEED to know who they are and why they are coming!

Satisfy your customers needs

Each different holiday home will attract different types of people and knowing their needs, and most importantly satisfying their needs, will improve your rental place.

Does your home attract young families? Therefore give the parents somewhere to chill in the evenings as they won’t be able to go out, give them a comfy corner with a pile of books, games and DVDs. These things will also come in handy on a wet afternoon!

Will visitors often make a picnic? Provide some picnic boxes they can borrow in a well organised kitchen.

Are your visitors single business travellers? Provide them with at least a small laptop desk and plenty of sockets!

Does the property attract couples? Then I’d say a good bed was key!! ;)

These are just a few examples of how getting to know your customer and meeting their needs will really improve their experience in your property. If you start to consider them in whatever changes you make, I believe your property will improve dramatically.

If you have a holiday home in the North East UK and would like more help in thinking through your holiday home then please get in touch via my Contact page to discuss your project with me further.

Have you made any expensive mistakes in your holiday home? Share them here to help others avoid the same slip-up.

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