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How to Reflect Your Business Branding in Your Interior Design

Imagine that you’re walking down a street and there are two cafes coming up ahead; one of them is all white, modern, sleek and cool while the other is rustic and homely with warm colours… which one would you go into?! It’s a personal choice but it says something about what sort of customer you are.

From a business owners point of view, from that small example hopefully you can see that by promoting your brand ethos through your interior you will attract your target market.

Why your interior should reflect your branding

When you have attracted someone in your target market for the first time, if your interior, your products, your customer service and your graphics all tie in together then your customer will begin to trust your brand and will be more likely to become a return customer.

They will feel comfortable with you; they will trust your judgment and even look up to it. They will also assume that you will always be for them and that you’re not going to do something unexpected.

People like to attach their personality to a brand (‘I’m such a…..person!’) So by walking into your establishment it helps them see themselves the way they want to be seen. You will continue to build their loyalty and keep their confidence.

How to reflect your brand in your interior

The main thing your interior needs to do is create the right mood. You need to get people to feel something, to have an emotional connection to your interior and therefore your brand. Whether that’s relaxing, or exciting, or lively, or intrigued, your interior needs to reflect and create that mood.

This will be done through the colours and the materials that are chosen and finished by a carefully thought out lighting scheme. Every time you make a choice about a finish or colour you need to be considering your brand voice.

Create a mood board

One of the best things that I do for my customers is to create a mood board. I gather images that I feel reflect their brand and create the right mood, and I order samples that enhance and support that.

By doing that I know that the colours will co-ordinate and the materials will be appropriate, and my client will know that their brand ethos will be correctly represented and visually shared to attract their customers.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas as to how and why your interior design should reflect your brand but if you would like me to take up those reins for you and support you through the process then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How is your brand reflected in your interior? What has worked for you? Is there anything you think you could have done better? Did you create a mood board before you decorated?

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