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Business Interiors: Interior Design Trends and How To Reflect Them in your Interior

This blog concludes a 3 week look at trends in interior design. In the first week I looked at colour trends for the next 2 years, last week I considered whether we need to follow trends in our homes, and this week it’s the turn of small businesses.

So in your business what are the current trends that are affecting our customers? Are interior design trends something that we need to follow closely? How can we use them to our advantage?

I say ‘we’ because as a small business and retail designer I need to understand the answers to these questions just as much as you do!

What Are the Current Big Trends?

In my previous blogs on trends I talked about the difference between fads and trends; in a nutshell a fad is a fashionable item or idea that will quickly pass but it often has its roots in a long term deep seated trend that is affecting us all. For example the hygge craze last year was a fad linked to the mega trend of ‘Cocooning’.

If you want to learn more about these large trends there are lots of companies that research them such as Faith Popcorn, WGSN or Trend Union. Closer to home there is also Newcastle based Trend Bible who specialise in interiors and children’s wear. None of these companies give their research away for free but there is usually a blog you can follow which will provide a basic understanding.

Do I Need to Reflect Trends in My Business Interior?

As I said in my blog on using your interior design to aid your branding and attract your customers, you really need to know and understand your customers. By doing that you will know what your customers like and aspire to. They may not be able to create the look in their homes so they’ll be looking for it in the places they like to frequent.

Are your customers interested in sustainable living? Therefore, like the café I’m working on, ‘Re-F-Use’, you will need to ensure your interior reflects that outlook.

Or are your customers more concerned with the latest modern technology and integrating that into their everyday environment in new and original ways? Therefore your interior will need to reflect and accommodate that.

How Can I Use The Trends To My Advantage?

In A Retail Interior

Fads are your friend for creating new, fresh and inviting displays for your customers. When you need to change your displays every season you need to excite your customers by looking at the cutting edge. However, you also need to appeal to your target market, there is no point creating a display that echoes the lux trend when your customers are more interested in sustainable living so bare that in mind.

In a Hotel or B’n’B

In this environment I’d recommend you create your interior in a way that means you can easily update it. For example, get good quality lamp stands and change the shades to keep up with fashion, keep walls neutral but update with fabulous art, good quality bedding is a must but add interest with trendy scatter cushions.

Create a scheme that is neutral but good quality so that you can play around with colours and patterns on top. Ideally you would choose one area that can be updated more dramatically in a regular way, the lobby would be ideal for this. But, again, know your customers and stick with the style you want to express to them.

In Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

For these areas I’d recommend that you create a scheme that will express your brand in such a clear way that it won’t go out of style and it will attract your customers. You will be reflecting current trends for your customers but it will need to last you for several years at least so shouldn’t be too ‘faddy’. Your scheme will need to align your brand with the current trends.

If you need help to further think through your business interior then please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to help you through this project.

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