Lumiere 2019 and My Top 5 Visit Tips

Are you planning on going to Lumiere this year? It opens at 4.30pm on the 14th Nov and I’m really looking forward to it! This is its 10th year anniversary and they are bringing back some of the hi-lights from over the last 10 years.

It started in 2009 with the idea of bringing art to the streets, and by using light installations it allows people to explore the city at night, seeing it in a new way. This year is the biggest event yet with 37 art pieces, 15 more than when it started. I was really lucky to have been invited to the preview and I'm really pleased to be able to share with you some of my hi-lights, both past favourites and new:

Wave, by Squidsoup

I love Durham, Jacques Rival

Cloud, Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett

Stones, Tigrelab Art

Fogscape #03238, Fujiko Nakaya

Hopefully I’ve whetted your appetite! So, if you’re planning on visiting here are my top 5 tips to make the most of the event:

  1. Dress warmly! It was -3 on the school run this morning so dress for the cold! I’m talking layers and hat, coat, gloves and scarf! But also come prepared for rain – anyone else remember the rain from 2015?! Memories of sheltering in doorways and leaping over puddles…!

  2. Use the park and rides. There are 3 park and rides in Durham and there are usually overflow carparks, so parking shouldn’t be an issue. Do be prepared to wait a while for your bus back though as it gets very busy. Also, they all head into the centre but if you're wanting to see the outside ones, chose which carpark you use carefully.

  3. Don’t just head to the centre. The pieces are round the centre are brilliant but in 2017 I had a wonderful time with my then 4 year old exploring the pieces further out. St Oswald’s church was amazing then and it sounds fantastic this year too. Around the centre it will be much busier and you will need to queue as you make your way around, but the works further out are lovely and quiet and can be much more atmospheric. This year I intend to head to the Botanic gardens which I haven’t done before. Its also going to be hard to fit them all into one trip so if you're really keen and want to see them all expect to come out more than once!

  4. Plan your food. There are loads of lovely places to eat in Durham, but you’ll be wise to book a table during this time. There are usually some take away pop food places along the route or you can visit a local restaurant. Tango is amazing for burgers, The Spice Lounge for Indian food or The Rabbit Hole for Chinese. Or there is a new venue next to the new Odeon with loads of small independent food places: I haven't actually tried it yet so let me know what its like if you go!

5. Download the new app. This is a great way to plan your visit, especially if you don't know Durham that well.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos and I hope you have an amazing time!

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