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Case Study: The best student house in Durham!

This student property was small, bland and boring until I injected a little wow!

Funky student house in Durham

Living Area- A living area in the true sense of the word. One space that contains the kitchen, dining area and TV.

When we started this, our second student project together, my client asked me to make this house more 'funky'! He was really keen to bring in some industrial features that would be hard wearing, practical and contemporary. He feels that if a student house is well designed and appealing then it will snatched up quickly and be better looked after by its residents. And it seems to be paying off with quick and steady bookings.

Our surroundings can have a huge impact on how we feel and how we act.

He also wanted it to expand to a six bedroom property so I worked with his architect sharing plans. We also used bespoke built in furniture in each bedroom to make the most of the space and give the students maximum desk area.

Student bedroom interior designed

The house was taken right back to the brick work, completely rewired and replumbed. We extended out the back to create an extra bedroom there and into the loft space. The loft space bedroom was my favourite with its own ensuite and a little peek of the cathedral from the Velux windows!

On site

Because each bedroom was slightly different each one had to be individually designed whilst keeping the same look, feel and offering in each. Each bedroom contains a wardrobe, clothes drawers, a desk and desk drawer and at least one further set of drawers.

The main living area could feel small but it can easily function for 6. Each person has a kitchen cupboard, there are 6 dining stools and enough relaxed seating with the help of some squishy bean bags.

When we spoke to the students who had been living there for nearly a year they were really pleased and said it was the best student house they'd ever seen!

the best student house they'd ever seen!

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