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COVID-19 Statement

A brief statement to outline Catherine A Muir Interior Design's plans during this difficult time.

As you all know the world has changed dramatically, and some say irreversibly, in a very brief period of time and it is very hard to pin down exactly what our plans should be with things changing so rapidly. However here are a few points which I think will stay true:

  • Catherine A Muir Interior Design is still open for new business and I have complied an online only package so that you can have a design ready and waiting for when we can get contractors in again. A large design can take between 3-6 months to complete so this period in our homes will give us the time we need.

  • I will prioritise my current clients and ensure that I continue to provide the best service I can for them so that we can continue our work together as soon as we are able.

  • My working hours will be reduced while the children are at home due to the care and schooling that they will require from me, I continue to discuss this with my current clients and all new clients.

  • I have stacks of wonderful suppliers of furniture, lighting, wallpaper, paint, fabric, accessories, bathrooms and kitchens for your home or business ready to tell you about! So watch out on my social media for more information!

I hope you all remain safe and well; enjoy your home, its where your heart is!

Catherine A Muir Interior Design

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