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Decorating is not just for Christmas!

Isn’t it annoying when people start talking about Christmas too early?! Well I know it’s only mid Oct, which is too early for me, but the thing is that as a busy parent I need to start thinking about it early so that it doesn’t get too stressful nearer the time, and I’m sure many of you are the same. So here goes…

We all like to decorate our home for Christmas and many of us will do more than just a tree but often it is reduced to a small section of the home, so I want to talk about it this early because there is something you can do now, that will help you in December, to achieve a more cohesive Christmassy look across your whole home.

Decorating is not just for Christmas

In a nut shell I’d like to suggest that rather than decorating for Christmas only, think of it as a seasonal re-style; don’t just decorate your home for Christmas but decorate for the winter! Then when you add in the Christmas decorations on top it will not only look more effective but be easier.

This means you can also make changes as the year passes bringing interest for spring as well. Cosy up for the colder seasons and refresh when spring arrives.

How to create your winter home

Take time for a declutter

Starting once you feel the seasons change, take some time for a declutter in your main areas. I feel that Christmas comes with loads of stuff, whether it’s from the presents, the decorations, the guests or just the discarded wrap. I think starting with a cleaner plate makes things feel a little calmer from the start.

Change a few key items

Next find items that have a more summery feel and change them for one with a more wintery feel!

In the living room you could change the throw cushions on your sofa to warmer tones or thicker fabrics like velvet or heavy linen. Get a big cosy throw across the armchair in a warmer darker tone than your armchair fabric. Why not replace a picture or 2 for one with a wintery scene? You could even change the weight of your curtains which, along with looking festive, will keep any chilly drafts at bay. Look at the colours that you already have in your home and go a shade or two darker.

In the dining room you could change the table cloth for one that is a warmer colour or for one with a seasonal pattern like autumn leaves and fruits, or traditional checks. Bring in some new candles to help create a ‘hygge’ atmosphere and change other accessories you may use like table mats or seat cushions to suit.

In your bedroom you could do similar by changing your bedding to a darker, warmer tone and change your cushions to more plush fabrics like velvet or… well, I love a bit of velvet!!

By doing this you will change the look and feel of your home to a cosy winter one so that when you bring in your Christmas decorations the impact will be even more snug! Of course, you will also be saving wear and tear on your accessories; move the summery things into a box or vacuum pack bag and change them round again in the spring, just like we do with our wardrobes.

Next time I’m going to talk about Christmas styles and how to embrace your favourite, so look out for that one coming up!

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