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Find your Christmas Style

In October I wrote about how we can change our home accessories to embrace the wintery season so that when we come to add the Christmas decorations the overall effect is more effective, to read it click here!

To follow on I wanted to help you think about what style you like best at Christmas so that when you’re styling your home or buying new decorations you'll have a clearer idea of how to create the look you want.

Know your style

When bringing in new accessories it’s important to consider your existing colour scheme and styles, people will naturally lean towards their favourite but it’s worth understanding what you really like so that you can focus on it.

I have summarized what I think are three really strong styles that jump out around this time of year to help you, firstly with your winter style and then when choosing Christmas decorations. See what you like best but also look around your home and see which one will fit best into your current décor.

Traditional or Scandinavian

Think natural, very homely and cosy with traditional patterns and colours. This home is mainly natural colours and materials; white, grey, beige and wood, a home with simple details and functional comfort.

This time of year bring in some warmer textiles like soft warm throws and use natural things to decorate with like logs and branches. Use plenty of lights to keep the dark at bay just like they do in Scandinavia.

Fun and family friendly

Think of Santa Claus, reindeer and stockings obviously but you can also think geometric patterns and kitsch, with hot bright shades contrasted with pale pink, black and stone to soften the look. This style will suit a home with warm bright colours and a lean towards vintage, eclectic and upcycled finds…not to mention the piles of kids toys! Have fun with this one, but remember less is usually more!

Grown up and luxurious

This look is definitely mature and experienced and can really be what you want whether that’s in the styling or an unusual colour scheme. Without kids around you can afford to be more extravagant without worrying about little hands breaking things! So get out those gorgeous glass baubles, make some lovely paper decorations and light your candles! (safely of course!) Use rich warm tones to create a decadent feeling.

So, which one appeals to you?!

Don’t forget the lighting!

Lighting can really make or break a scheme and getting it right in the dark winter months will really help your home feel cosy. Christmas lights are all about mood lighting; setting that cosy warm feeling against the cold outside. Lights on the tree, lights in the windows (very Scandinavian) and lights in dark corners will all help to create the atmosphere.

So, consider changing with the season, not just for Christmas, know your favourite style and don’t forget the lighting! Have fun creating your Christmas home and I look forward to seeing your pictures! If you would more ideas I have over 100 pins on my Christmas Pinterest board, everything from recipes to crafts to inspirational images, all really accessible and lovely:

But most importantly spend some time with your family, friends and…relax!

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