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...your space is unique, you are unique

Maybe you have just moved into your dream home but it needs a make-over,

maybe you're building your own home,

or perhaps your existing property is looking a little dated.


Wherever you are, I can meet you there. 

I offer a bespoke interior design service - made for you. I don’t take a “one style fits all” approach because... your space is unique, and you are unique. Your tastes and ideas are important and I want the design of your home to reflect you.

Together we'll take a journey of inspiration, surprise and delight, so you can end up with a professionally designed, feel-good, look-amazing space that makes you say ‘ahhh !'

I offer my full interior design service across the North East of England, but with my new online only package I can work with you remotely, wherever you are in the UK! 


a self build property in County Durham

My client began their self build journey back in 2015 when they hired architects to help them design their home. As engineers themselves they knew exactly what they were looking for and their enthusiasm was catching. They wanted the home to make full use of the view to the north whilst capturing the sun. They engaged me to help them design their kitchen in an open plan, living, dining space. 

They wanted a design that was modern, sleek and minimal. So I chose white handless doors with an aluminium rail handle, keeping within the minimalist style. And then I teamed it with a striking black, quartz, made to measure worktop. The effect was just how they wanted it, with space to entertain, cook and relax. 


in Durham

My client for this project teaches music lessons from her home in north Durham. She explained that sometimes on arrival her students were full of thoughts about their day so she wanted to create a calming, relaxing space that students would look forward to coming in to. A place where they could focus on their music. She explained how she wanted them to feel, about how they should close their eyes or look at the trees as they played. 

So I used a delicate feature wallpaper of trees along the piano wall and kept the colours light and fresh. By using accessories inspired by nature I created a scheme that would transport her students into the right frame of mind. 

My client said, "I really enjoyed working with Catherine, who developed the design and project managed the work for my Music Room. I now have a lovely, calming space to teach my piano and flute students. Catherine also completed a couple of smaller interior design projects for the living room and bathrooms. I’m so pleased with the results. I love my home even more now!"

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