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Case Study: A Contemporary Kitchen Design

I first met Lucy and Steve in their previous home where they hired me for a 2 hour brainstorming session. So I was really pleased when, after a house move, they invited me back to design their new kitchen.

The current kitchen was old and tired, take a look below! And with a very traditional separate dining room it made sense that they had decided on knocking through to make one large space.

Before and After

They are both hard working professionals and they wanted the space to feel calming and relaxed with plenty of space to cook, which they both love doing when they get home.

They wanted it to feel contemporary and light, without being cold or stark, so I created a simple colour scheme of white, warm timber and soothing greens:

For me, there’s nothing better than creating a space that my clients love to be in…Your space is unique, you are unique, and your tastes and ideas are important. You know what your space needs to do, what it needs to say, and how you want it to make you or others feel.

And I know how to bring all that to life.

If you'd love to inject a little wow into your kitchen, why not get in touch to find out all about my bespoke interior design service, made for you.

Lucy and Steve's kitchen is a Second Nature kitchen. These doors are from the Remo range, Porcelain white and paint-to-order Trench Coat Grey.

Second Nature are an award winning kitchen supply company that I work with.

They are known as one of the leading independent kitchen brands in the UK.

Lucy recently emailed me this review...

'Catherine was very knowledgeable and really helped us navigate the order in which things needed to be done. She prompted us to think of things we hadn’t considered, such as wiring for the under-counter lighting. She made a diagram showing location of electrical sockets and CAD drawings for the fitter so we had everything we needed for the different contractors, as well as elevation sketches to help us visualise how it would look. She also helped us with the colour scheme and suggested having a different colour for the top cupboards than the bottom which we wouldn’t have thought of, but we ended up going for and it works really well. She had loads of great suggestions and helped pull it all together. We’re very happy with the result and really appreciated her involvement. She is very flexible about what level of involvement you want her to have and at what stages of the project, whether it’s an initial consultation or following it all the way through to completion. I would definitely recommend working with Catherine as she made the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable!'

If you'd like to find out more about the 2 different kitchen supply companies that I use click here to read an article explaining why I've chosen to work with each of them.

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