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Creating a ‘Designed’ Scheme

What do I mean by a designed scheme?

When I use the term a ‘designed scheme’ I’m thinking of creating a look that is a bit like your best wedding outfit. Where you look totally put together. Everything is co-ordinated and looks perfect together. It’s created by combining a reduced colour palette with materials and textures that complement each other. Read on below for hints and tips to create your own look!

The opposite would be what I call an ‘organic scheme’ which you can read about here (coming soon!)


Stick with a simple colour palate of around 3 colours. These could include:

1 colour

1 accent colour

1 neutral

By keeping it simple you’ll keep the scheme looking clean and elegant. In this design we used a strong bold main colour. Kept the purple from the existing sofa as our accent colour and used a soft cream for the neutral and white.


Materials will also form part of the scheme. Again, keep to the same materials repeated throughout to keep the scheme harmonious. You’ll probably need to consider:

A wood

A metal

An upholstery fabric

In this project the client had some existing antique wood furniture, and the flooring was staying the same. Any wood we brought in matched these as closely as possible.

We choose an antique brass for the main metal which was then echoed throughout the room.


Try to stay close to your colour and material choices and have fun with textures! This will inject character and life into the room. Think about cut velvet, as you can see on the curtains and sofas here.

Fluffy, satin, or wool cushions...

Rugs, carpets, or rustic woods...

Brushed, polished or aged...

The options are endless!

If you’d like any help creating a designed look in your home, then why not get in touch here and I’d be happy to help.

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