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Case Study: Victorian Inspired Kitchen

The home and my clients inspired this amazing transformation!

My clients had recently bought a beautiful Victorian terrace in rural County Durham. The house had many of its original features remaining except in the kitchen where it was in need of some serious tlc:

My client loved to cook especially to bake bread, so plenty of worktop was essential. They were also passionate about being eco-friendly so a good recycling system was also required. I also thought we could bring this into the material choice for the design.

In order to be in keeping with the age of the building we went for the Mornington Beaded door. It's a beautiful timber wood with the grain exposed and with extra beading. The clients were keen on injecting some colour into the scheme and I knew that blues and greens were favourites. So we chose a bespoke painted blue (one of 32 colour options) which I co-ordinated with a deep teal tile.

My clients where most excited when I showed them the pantry idea, they said it was something that they would have never come up with on their own! It not only adds loads of storage but is so in keeping with the property and looks fabulous. I chose to paint it in a pop of warm orange to really make it a feature of the kitchen. We also used copper and warm woods to complement the blues.

The floor was in a sorry state so my fitter started by releveling the floor so it was like new. Then we sourced reclaimed wood flooring to bring the vintage feel through from the rest of the house. The beautiful handmade worktops were also made from reclaimed timber by The Yard Makers and are so unique to this design. I firmly believe that bringing in a little old amongst the new makes a room feel much more like home straight away! The upholstered stools also help with that feeling.

The lights, sink and tap pull the design together creating a space that is warm, inviting, relaxed, high practical and in keeping with the house and its owners!

Photo credit to Gavin Forster

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