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My Interior Design Stories from 2018

Can you believe that 2018 is coming to a close!? With 7 completed projects, 3 smaller projects and 4 projects that will carry over I have been looking back over some of my favourite memories from finished projects this year and wanted to share them with you…

That Chair

My first client of this year had worked as a farmer all her life and now that she is retired, she was finally in a home that she could call her own. However, after living in rented farm houses all her life and feeling unable to traipse around the shops she decided to hire me to help her with that hard job of deciding what to choose.

We focused on her living room and dining area and I am so pleased with the transformation. She took all my ideas on board including double layered curtains so she could keep the light coming in but create privacy when required, painting the living room ceiling a gorgeous shade of green in order to create a cosy, calming atmosphere and she even purchased what we both started referring to as ‘That Chair’ because we loved it but it was stretching her budget somewhat!

Taylored Fit Physio

Vicky Smith from Taylored Fit Physio came to an interior design workshop that I held back in May 2016 and we discussed the ideas she had for her new physio in Langley Park. It wasn’t until May 2017 that Vicky and Mark had secured the old chapel and plans could start to develop!

One of my favourite moments was sitting with Vicky at my kitchen table and ordering the massive photo wallpaper that takes her studio from nice to fabulous! Another was seeing the gorgeous double height light fitting in situ for the first time, its not everyday that you order an Italian chandelier! I’m so pleased for the Taylored Fit team and seeing the space being used and loved.

From Building Dust to Show Material

In February this year I was contacted by 2 separate building developers looking for a designer for their show homes.

One was in Sunderland in a beautiful Victorian mansion that they were carefully transforming into flats. I knew from the moment I saw the flat exactly what I wanted to create – a contemporary youthful home where you could imagine cocktails in the evening and yoga in the morning! Budget was fairly tight and with the flat being so spacious we decided to create vignettes within the space and focus on small pockets to create the look. I was really pleased with how it came out and Julie, my client, has sold most of the flats now, reusing the furniture and accessories I purchased to promote the rest of the flats in turn.

The second show flat was in Gilesgate and I knew that this one needed to feel like a relaxing family home that someone could see themselves living in straight away, in fact that’s exactly what happened when the purchasers not only bought the flat but everything in it as well! My client Bill and I continued to work together this year completing a post-graduate student home in the summer and a serviced apartment that will be finished in January. Its great to build up a relationship with someone and their team!

The Whole Shebang

My next client for 2018 requested me to design, purchase and project manage not just the furniture and accessories but the decorating too. So, after agreeing the design I organised the decorator, the carpet fitter, the seamstress, and the new fireplace installation.

We had a few ups and downs along the way including finding peeling paint under the wallpaper, the chosen carpet being discontinued and a damaged coffee table, but the decorator worked hard and created a flawless finish and the Sanderson wallpaper looks stunning, the carpet team worked hard at getting us a great deal on our second choice and the coffee table was replaced. Check out the 'before' pictures at the end!

I am very pleased that Elizabeth has been able to relax and enjoy her finished living room and she provided me with this lovely quote:

I was very pleased to discover Catherine (Interior Designer Durham). I was struggling with ideas for the living room and dining room. Catherine guided me through the whole process, putting my vague ideas into beautiful finished rooms. Catherine sourced all materials and furniture, working with me, keeping me informed with guidance and advice throughout the whole process. Catherine supplied a great service, and I am delighted with the result. I would recommend Catherine to anyone without hesitation and will look forward to working with her again. Elizabeth

Thank you, Elizabeth!

So that only just touches on 6 of my 7 finished projects - I haven't even mentioned the fabulous Refuse Café! Keep your eyes peeled for the pictures of my completed, currently ongoing projects that include a dentist, a training office and 2 homes in Durham. Thank you to all my clients from 2018, whether I have mentioned you or not, I really appreciate that you chose me to work with me and I hope you have had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring for my business and for your homes and businesses across County Durham! If you have a project that you feel would benefit from my knowledge and experience, then why not get in touch to see how we could work together.

Thank you,


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