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Case Study: A teenage bedroom brainstorm

Are you thinking about the different packages that I offer and what would suit you best? Well, I'd love to tell you a bit more about my 2hr brainstorm option.

This option is great for small rooms that need a make-over, and we can achieve quite a lot during the 2 hour session. For larger rooms this option works well as a jumping off point to a longer project together. But we obviously won't achieve quite as much, especially if they're complicated like a kitchen!

This project was a young teenage boys bedroom that needed an injection of personality and a space that worked.

The main 2 questions we discussed together were...

How must the space function and work for you?

How do you want to feel when you’re in the space?

Whilst chatting I did some sketches and we looked through colour charts. By the end of the 2 hours we had a good plan of what he'd like to do:

After the session we kept in touch and I co-ordinated a new blind for him with my seamstress. And I was so pleased when I received the photos of the finished room, exactly as we had discussed!

You see, I’m not just an interior designer – I’m a mood-maker.

Setting the tone of your space. Creating atmosphere and giving it personality.

Because I really think your surroundings can have a huge impact

on how you feel and how you act.

So, for me, there’s nothing better than creating a space that people love to be in…

A feel-good space…

Where everything just works.

If you'd like to chat to me about a new project in your home, then get in touch to arrange an initial free online chat.

My client from this project said, 'My son absolutely loved working with Catherine and had lots of fun in the session, we can't thank her enough.

He was absolutely buzzing...he said it was even better than he thought and absolutely loves the ideas and has popped the drawings up on his wall. I highly recommended Catherine, she is very approachable, has great ideas and really listens to her client. We will definitely be using her services again when it comes to updating other rooms in the house.'

Thank you, I'm very pleased!

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