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My Suppliers: Why the Second Nature Showroom is Well Worth a Visit

For me, there’s nothing better than creating a space that people love to be in…and kitchens are one of my favourite! They are a wonderful combination of making sure it works well but looks the part too.

A feel-good space…where everything just works.

Which makes doing the everyday easy.

Because good design is intuitive and a thing of joy.

A look-amazing space… where the ‘wow’ is now.

But will still be there well into the future.

Because good design has timeless beauty.

To create this kind of space, we need to work together, as a team –

your space is unique, you are unique, and your tastes and ideas are important.

You know what your space needs to do, what it needs to say,

and how you want it to make you or others feel.

And I know how to bring all that to life.

When I design a kitchen for you most of our meetings will take place in your home. But, if you've chosen a Second Nature kitchen, then at least one meeting will be held at the showroom in Newton Aycliffe.

After signing in (we need to book our time as its not open to the public) we will be offered a coffee, but I normally like to look around first, I know that's what you'll be eager to do once you've seen the sets....(photos taken in 2019)

While you're looking round I'll take notes about what you like, and don't like. The showroom has many room sets to discover in many different styles. I will guide you to the ones that I think will be most to your taste. You can open doors and see the inner workings that make the kitchens function so well.

And then, when you've seen enough, we'll get that coffee! At that point I'll show you where we're up to in the design. It could be that we're just starting and I have some layout options for you. Or we could be further on; maybe I have some exciting samples to share.

During your visit you'll get to see all the doors, worktops and handles that we have on offer and try out some different options. But don't worry, I will help narrow down the choices and ensure we get a great combination. So whether its shaker, high gloss, handless, in-frame or a funky colour, there is bound to be something to your taste!

By the end of our meeting I want you to head home feeling excited and dreaming of your new kitchen! Confident in the quality, style and inner workings behind those gorgeous doors.

Contact me to discuss your project here. Or read more about me, Catherine Muir, here.

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